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About Lamda

A world-leading higher education provider, LAMDA’s examinations have provided each and every learner with the skills and the confidence to succeed in life.

LAMDA’s performance examinations use drama to develop self-confidence, physical presence and a strong speaking voice.


An awarding organisation, delivering world-renowned qualifications in communication and performance and inspiring the next generation of confident communicators through their examinations in drama, literature and poetry.


LAMDA Exams are about achievement and empowerment. LAMDA has been helping learners all over the world develop into confident speakers since the 1880s. LAMDA gives students, the opportunity to improve self-expression, self-assurance, and most importantly, have fun. 


At STRIVE our main ethos is to not put a student under pressure. I’ve learned over the years that students respond so much better when they don’t feel a huge amount of weight and pressure on their shoulders. The way I approach things at STRIVE is a unique way of teaching. 

Yes, the classes are LAMDA exam based, however I make it my daily goal, that each and every student, has so much fun in my classes, that they end up looking forward to the exam and enjoying the process and the exams themselves too! 

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We are so proud of our students who have all received “DISTINCTIONS” in their exams.


Well done everyone!! 

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